On Churches Today

Churches today believe they are obeying God and are truly loving the body of Christ because the people they are loving say they feel loved.

My question is simple: Why would the way someone feels determines if you’re following Christ? Wouldn’t the way Christ feels about what you’re doing determine if you’re following Him?

To feed a sheep what it wants would be fatal, and would kill it. But today, ministers give sheep what they want and feel they are obeying God because the sheep say they feel loved. The truth is a minister feeds the sheep what it needs, regardless of what it says.

Many Churches today call themselves a loving church because people leave feeling better about themselves. And then years later those same people leave the church because the pastor either: 1) Wasn’t preaching the truth and these people later realize it, 2) because the sheep are burnt out from being told to give everything to the pastor, instead of the pastor giving everything to the sheep,  which is not obeying the example Jesus set and commanded, 3) because the sheep find another pastor who makes them feel better about themselves than this pastor.

I know of a Church locally that talks about tithing 30 percent or more of the time. Why is this? Why would God need someone’s money to do as he desires? Why would God need to keep teaching about tithing to his people?

The truth is that these pastors want more money for what they decided God wants from them. What is ignored is what God has actually said.

We have tons of men of God who call themselves men of God who one day will be spit out by God. I don’t doubt if the Holy Spirit will come upon people by the hands of ministers that God will one day say, “I never knew you.” Why? Because God uses plenty of people who don’t love him.

It’s a sad day in our modern church when people are told to give and give and give to God. And they are even told to give cheerfully. And they are even told to give because God gave them. But, these people don’t know God, neither the minister nor the sheep, and they keep giving to God because they want God to bless them. There is a blessing in giving to God what is already his for sure. In the same way there is a blessing of repenting and turning back to God, giving yourself to Him even though you already belong to him. But there is a different in belonging to him as a vessel of glory and belonging to him as a vessel of wrath.

So to give God what is already his doesn’t show if you are a Christian or not. Plenty of people give to God, and they do it in their own strength and in their carnal desires.

A man of God must give because God commands it. A man of God delights to do God’s commands, even if it kills them. A man of God obeys God because it delights the man, not because the man knows that there is wisdom and there is types of blessings in obeying God. There is certainly a blessing in obedience to God. But a true man who loves God will obey God even if there is no blessing in it, simply because God is worthy of everything we are and have.

Our great God. Forgive us for holding onto ourselves. Forgive us for holding onto everything. May we give up everything for your sake. Fill us with your Spirit and purify us so that we may have more of you and have the strength to give everything to you. We cannot give up everything by our own strength, for even the faith required to trust and obey you is provided by and given by you. I cannot obey you apart from your work in me. Work in me and in us more I pray. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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