Writing to the Glory of God (Part 3)

In two blogs last week I defined what I believe it means to glorify God by or through writing. I want to continue with that theme because there is much more to be said and added.

I want to first rehash what I said, and then add to it, or demonstrate some sub-categories.

“We write to the Glory of God by being Christians who know and love God above all things, and then writes about those truth’s or write’s stories that display those truth’s.”

This is a summary of writing to the glory of God, and there is much more I explained, and there is more to explain. For now, I want to add roots to my definition. I want to dig a little deeper underneath what I wrote to demonstrate where it comes from and how it looks like down under that soil.

The soil I have grown this definition in is God’s word, the Bible. One text that pops out in most Christians mind is 1 Corinthians 10:31. In this verse we see Paul commanding that we do everything to the glory of God. In the context of this verse, however, we see Paul talking about doing everything to please others, not offend others, and to edify brothers and sisters in Christ.

Read all of Corinthians and you’ll see this theme.

So apart of my definition in how to write to the Glory of God, I wrote, “and love God above all things.” Now, how do we love God? By obeying him and loving what he loves. God loves His people. And so one way we absolutely must obey God is by loving people above ourselves. We are to choose to love others over and above ourselves. I could get into much scriptural reference, but I will leave it at that.

So, part of Glorifying God in our writing is by writing for God, which means writing for the work of edifying and building up the church. God wants us to build one another up, love one another, and edifying one another AS believers. I am not talking about nonbelievers here. I am talking about other Christians.

One way we glorify God in writing is by loving believers through our writing. Written another way: by seeking to edify and build up other believers through our writing. This, of course, will come about in different ways. One way is by making the process of reading your book easy and simple to understand. Which means the actual writing to be good. Another way, if you are writing fiction, is by making the story a story that is built and established in a Christian worldview that will feed and defend and nourish the beliefs of a believer, even if it’s not explicitly Christian. Similar to many Christian’s love for Lord of the Rings, and Chronicles of Narnia. Another way is by writing what is true. We ought not to feed one another lies, nor glorify evil or lies. Evil must not be glorified, and a Christian must not spread lies and must do their due diligence and making sure they are spreading and writing what is true.

If you are going to quote someone, make sure they actually said it. If you are going to use a study or a statistic, make sure you work through it to see if there is any mistake in the conclusion or if it’s misinterpreted. Don’t build straw-men, instead, if you are writing to destroy or attack or defend against a different worldview, let the worldview tell you what it  believes, so you can accurately describe and explain their belief, and then work at bringing down it’s argument.

Don’t lie or deceive others. We ought not to spread falsehood or deceptions.

So, one part of seeking to glorify God in our writing, is by loving God, and we do that by loving who He loves, and so we love His people and seek their good and not our own.

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