Finance Focus

I have been learning to budget more and there is this one phrase that keeps ringing in my mind: tell every dollar where to go. When learning how to budget I was taught that you want your balance to be zero. You want every dollar, penny, and cent, to know where it is going. You want your budget’s balance to reach zero.

Which means maybe putting more into savings, or putting some into giving. Free floating money is dangerous because then it will go wherever. And most people live with all their money free floating, not knowing how or where it’s going to be spent.

So, as I learn to budget, I keep thinking about where everything is to go, where I want it all to go, how much is coming in, and getting that balance to zero.

Which I believe also can apply to our time spent. As I wrote yesterday, I want to focus more on my family. Now that I’m endeavoring to do this I must be intentional with all of my time, and give my family an abundance of time purposefully. Instead of being on the phone I need to remind myself that my family is here and that means it’s family time. If I want down time I need to schedule it in. Otherwise our minutes are spent much like our dollars, without thought or intention, and going wherever.

Some people I know are busy doing many things. They are always running errands. Which isn’t good or bad, but I wonder if they planned a little more, they could get more done.

Sometimes the hard part is not planning but following through and focus. And that may be tomorrow’s topic.

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