Family Focus

God has recently moved me to focus more on my family. What this means is learning to spend my time wisely and not letting my minutes be wasted on trivial pursuits that are fruitless at the expense of my family.

Over the course of two years of marriage and being a father I have seen the need to cut time somewhere. The sad fact is often the time I cut is with my family, my bride and my son. Which should not be. God has given me a great responsibility as a husband and a father to care for my family. Every man who is the head of his household must be shepherd, priest, and prophet. He must provide and guide, he must lead in devotion to God, and he must speak into the lives of those under him. And I have failed in numerous ways.

Many people have looked at me and seen me as an example. But I admit today that I fail in being an example. By comparison to others, sure I may be better. But to compare man with man is folly. I can always find someone worse and I can always find someone better. What we as men need to do is follow Christ and compare ourselves to both, who he is, and also what he tells us to do.

We compare ourselves to who he is not so we can see where we fall but to see who we are. We are not Christ. We are not saviors. We are not redeemers of man kind. We are his children, his bride, the fruit of his labor, the building he is building up, his sheep. He is the big brother, the husband, the root, the cornerstone and foundation, the shepherd. We cannot be any of these things the way he is, but we can act like him in the context of our homes by obeying what he tells us to do.

And I have been told by God to remember that if I desire to please him then the first and primary place I must please him is in my home.

Which means that little to no time will be playing video games, on Facebook, watching TV, and the like. I won’t be hanging out with my friends as much. I won’t be going out as much. I will take every day captive and subject it to Christ. My time will be spent focusing on that which is to be primary in my life. Which is Christ himself. And from the joyful duty of seeking Christ and knowing him I will pour it out into my family.


I often think about how I want more Christian fellowship, and God has given me a place for that: my home. I want to worship him more with other believers. And that is within my home.

I ask that no one takes this out of context. This does not mean I won’t be meeting regularly with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It means that I acknowledge that God has given me as a man brothers and sisters (my wife and one day my son) to worship him with. He has given me a place to minister. And I must labor and toil and work and sweat in this field, and because of Christ’s sacrifice the ground will not produce thistles but healthy and strong branches.

I desire to know God more and love my neighbor as myself. How can I love my neighbor if I ignore my neighbors within my own household?

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