Speaking Differently

As I have gone through how we ought to think and desire differently as Christians which is the will of God for our lives, we have seen that sanctification is a total thing. All of who and what we are must be subjected to God. We make all of ourselves submit to the will of God.

Now, I want to briefly write about speaking differently. How we use our words ought to be in a holy and edifying way.

I could point to numerous passages about the tongue, speech, speaking with salt, using hymns and psalms and spiritual songs, being prepared with a teaching or a song when Christians meet together, how if one can bridle their tongue then they can bridle their whole body, how we ought to speak an though we are saying God’s very words, or that we shouldn’t even speak of evil that many do in darkness.

The fact is what we say demonstrates much of what we believe, how we think, and what we treasure. Jesus said that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. Jesus also said that where our treasure is there our heart is also. Proverbs tells us about using choice words, which can bring life to the bones. Proverbs also describes how a well thought out answer can turn away wrath. We also find in Proverbs about nagging and it’s negative effects.

There is a vast treasure to be found in the Bible about how we ought to speak, pray, and praise. We must be transformed by God’s word so that we may be ready to speak with salt, truth and love at all times.

To be holy in our words means to not only speak the truth but to know that the way we speak the truth has an effect on a person. Jesus was purposeful in how he spoke to the pharisees. He was direct, blunt, and strong. To others He was tender and compassionate. Still to others He spoke in parables.

We need to know not only what to speak but how to speak in every circumstance. Our words can stir up strife or prevent strife. Our words can edify or cause division. We must never compromise truth. We must also never speak in a way that we shouldn’t because of truth. To some we ought to be bold, using words that stir up their hearts. To some we ought to speak in compassion.

Much can be said. The will of God for our lives is our sanctification. Sanctify how we use words and what we say. Submit to God your manner of speech. Learn His ways and obey His commands for our tongues.


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