Today Marks

Today Marks my second wedding anniversary. God has given me a beautiful wife who is obedient to His voice and striving to rest in His grace. The grace lavished upon me is greater than the grace shown her because God gave me her.

Over the past two years I have grown in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and character. All have been by the blessing of my wife. There is so much to the proverb “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.” I have not only found favor in many physical areas (you wouldn’t believe the things I received because I was married to my wife) but also in many other areas of life. My thoughts have been refined. My heart has been molded. My character has been changed and made more holy.

I truly praise God for my wife. It’s not because I received so much because of her. In fact it’s more because I’ve learned so much more of God and have become more near to God because of her. God has used her in many ways to draw me unto Himself. He has used her to keep me trusting in Him. He has used her to show me grace and favor. He has used her to demonstrate His love. He has used her to obey Him in many areas of my life.

God has glorified Himself through my wife by using her, a submissive vessel, to demonstrate His character and greatness. He has saved her by grace through faith.

I cannot help but be humbled by God. Who would not only save me but grace me with a beautiful wife to edify and be edified by. A wife I would encourage and be encouraged by. A wife who would pray for me. A woman who is becoming all that God has made her to be.

I am a blessed man to have a woman who loves God. Two years of His grace and mercy. If it pleases God there will be many more to come.

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