Desires made Holy

The will of God for our lives is our sanctification. To be sanctified means to be set apart, made holy. Last time I wrote about how we as Christians start the process of sanctifying our minds. I summarized it by saying that we have to let God define everything. How does God define knowledge, truth, life, eternal life, joy, or Christianity? To set apart our minds means to make our thoughts think about what God says, which means we have to know what He means when He says something, which means we have to know how He defines the words He uses.

I started with sanctifying the mind because that is the beginning place for all that we are. What we do reflects what we believe and think. What we say reflects what we believe and think. What we desire reflects what we believe and think.

I want to speak now about how we sanctify our desires as Christians. To even talk about this I have to start talking about what happens to us as Christians. This is probably going to take a few posts but I want to start with the basics of what it means to be a Christian.

As Christians we believe that all men are dead in their sin. What that means is we have no desire to know God as He is and are in active rebellion against God and what He says. Many people are spiritual and believe in some god, but believing in a god and knowing God are vastly different. Many people want to know a higher power or being but it’s often because of their own selfish desires. It becomes therapy, it becomes ecstasy, it becomes some high. But to want to know God because He is God and should be known is nobodies desire.

This is where as Christians we believe that the Holy Spirit must work within a person to change their heart. Since all mean are dead in sin it’s impossible for them to be alive in God. This is where God must begin the work by His own will and desire to take a dead heart and put in its place a new heart. As the Bible says, a heart of stone being turned into a heart of flesh.

For us to even know God and desire God we have to have been changed and transformed by the Holy Spirit. According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit gets someone to preach the gospel, and while the gospel is being preach the Holy Spirit gives faith to whoever the Holy Spirit desires to give it to. That faith is then used in God, meaning that is faith is placed in God and His gospel. Then the Holy Spirit enters into the person.

All of it a work of God so that no man may boast that it was something in them that saved them, instead it’s solely by God’s saving and electing grace.

The beginning of our desires being sanctified is first being a Christian. Once God turns us from dead sinners to living saints our desires have already begun the transformation process. With a new heart our desires change.

Now, as we talk about desires, what we have to do is submit our desires and feelings to God, let Him define them for us and then ask Him how to feel and what to desire in every circumstance, instance, situation and about everything.

I’ll dive into that a little more in another post.

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