Comic books and Superheros

My wife Christie and I watch a few TV shows: The Flash, The Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Jane the Virgin. Besides Jane the Virgin, all of them are superhero related. One could argue moms are superheros, and Jane is a mom who was artificially inseminated. That has to be a superpower of sorts. Making a baby without a man. I mean technically the Green Arrow doesn’t have superpowers, so Jane has a one up on him. She could have been his mother. I digress.

As a kid I didn’t care for comic book superheros. I was into certain anime heroes like Goku and Naruto but not comics. I may have watched a few Batman cartoons here and there but that was because it usually came on after Sonic the Hedgehog. Who had more superpowers than Batman did.

So my wife and I started watching the Arrow and the Flash. Our friends were watching and talking about these shows, and since we wanted to feel like cool kids we starting watching them. The first episode of both hooked us for different reasons. Here we are, a year later and we continue to watch the series. Every Thursday we watch them through Hulu on our Chromecast, after they air on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This past Christmas I went out and bought a comic book for my wife. She asked for it. She enjoys anything Arrow related. She made it so much easier to shop for her, and being on a budget made it that much better. So naturally I went to buy an Arrow comic book. In West Palm Beach there aren’t too many comic book stores around. I went to a comic book store called TATE’S Comics, Inc. in the Boyton beach mall. Not knowing where to begin I asked the comic book store clerk to help a comic book newbie out.

Leading me to the Arrow section (which I couldn’t find) he pulled out Green Arrow: Quiver. Well, he pulled it out after I told him I was looking more for the older comics and not a comic based off the TV show. So he pulled out Green Arrow: Quiver and told me that it was the comic book that started his reading in comic books. He would later enjoy the Flash series as a whole better than Arrow, but this was the introduction into comic books for him. God led me to the right man because Quiver was definitely a good read. I am now ready to start buying more comic books to read and add to my collection. I think I want a Flash comic book next, but we’ll see. I may buy some of the comic books mention in Quiver.

I’ll write a review soon of the comic, giving away some spoilers, as well as making comments on the art and everything in it. I never review one before but there’s a first time for everything. It will suck, but I’ll enjoy it.

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