Movie Review: Eragon

Now I read the books and as it goes it was better than the movie. I would write about the movie itself and how horrible it was but I think in writing in contrast with the book. Writing in contrast will bring into light the problems with the movie.

For one, Saphira in the movie grows in the matter of thirty seconds. Saphira is the main Dragon in the film and one of the key elements of the whole story. That said, you don’t learn much of her character or story. Things just quickly jump from one thing to another.

Eragon, the other main character, is also growing so quickly in the movie that you don’t know what’s going on. He learns certain skills and ability to control magic so quickly you wonder if he wasn’t just some prodigy. While in the book, it’s not portrayed as such, and is a slow painstaking process of him learning. Which brings me to the point of Saphira and Eragon’s tight bond. In the movie it seems to happen so quickly with little effort and as you watch the movie you don’t see their mental and emotional bond. It is quickly addressed in a few circumstances but not enough to get a grasp.

The other thing is that the movie of an hour and thirty seven minutes tries to take two books and squish into one.

As you see, the movie is really rushed. So rushed that even if you never read the book it just feels like you are thrown into a story that you learn little of and that things happen so fast you don’t get attached to any character.

As a movie it was bad, and as a movie based off a book it was even worse.

I would not recommend it.

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