Movie Review: The Giver

I have never done a review before. I am not a movie guy either which makes this a step into two new worlds: writing about movies and watching possibly a few more movies than I am use to (maybe a few a month).

Last week I watched the movie The Giver. Until now I didn’t know it existed and didn’t know it was based off a book. Of course the book is probably better. The movie intrigued me but left me a little disappointed.

Definitely family friendly since there is almost no violence (one scene of a kid being punched once, and another scene of a war zone and people being shot but no blood), but when it comes to movies I look for story and content. The idea of the story is great. A mirage of a utopia because the people have little knowledge of anything and little feeling for anything. The only person with any knowledge of anything is the receiver of memory and he obviously believes their community shouldn’t be what it is.

The shortness of the film left me wanting more things played out, but my main qualm was the fact the emphasis of the producer was on the emotional side of things rather than the fact these “memories” contained more than just feeling but knowledge, understanding, and to the trained mind could be used for wisdom.

When it comes to acting I have no clue what I am talking about, and so I’ll venture to show my ignorance. The acting didn’t distract me. The scenes were well done as far as I could tell.

Ultimately I would recommend people watch the movie only if their really interested in discussing utopia concepts, but it’s not a movie I would watch again. Though it perked my interest in the book.

I’ll give it a five out of ten stars. Great concept, I would just like to see it fleshed out more.

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