Suppressing Purpose

We live in such a world where the truth is obvious and in order to deny it you have to suppress it. Most people will deny this fact and if they were to argue with me they’d only prove my point by the constant “No, I don’t deny truth.” An assertion is not evidence nor an argument, but today what passes for an argument is nothing more than sparkles that dazzle the eyes and bass drops that stir the heart. There’s little substance other than what is perceived substance. Another truth suppression tactic.

As a Christian, I am upfront about my presuppositions. But, that word is too detached to real life. It’s more like, I am more upfront about telling the story I live in. I accept the story, love the story, and live in that story.

The story I live in is a complex, long, and glorious story about the constant death, burial, and resurrection. I live in a story that begins with an actual beginning which begun with a creator who is eternal. Eternal in the way many atheists believe in some form of eternal matter. And this creator created everything out of nothing. Which is where the debate begins. Is nothing really nothing? Some atheists would say nothing is actually something that is eternal. One atheist I heard say that things pop into existence all the time. I have no problem with that, very consistent with the creator God who can make anything from nothing all the time. However, this atheist said this to try to say “it just happens that way.” Which is an assertion, not an argument, and is words that try to suppress the truth.

As this God creates from nothing, that nothing becomes something by God’s sheer Godness. This thing that comes into existence is now an art piece of God, something that tells us about this God who made the thing, while being separate from that thing. Sorry people who argue about who created God. But by definition, God to be God He cannot have been a created thing or a part of the things created. Though truthfully, they agree, they just suppress their hearty approval of what we say by couching it in terms that try to deny God. They don’t want God to be the uncreated thing, they want the stuff we see to be the self-creating creation, or the uncreated thing because it makes itself, so it can’t be creation by definition, just “is what it is.” We can’t be held accountable to something that makes itself can we?

This stuff God makes is then shaped, formed, given order, given paths to follow, rules to follow, and given a purpose: “Declare my glory.” If this isn’t sounding like an awesome story, then you may want to go read some of the new atheist stuff, because a self-creating, purposeless world that somehow orders itself might be more up your ally. Though, ally’s might not have existed. Thank the purposeless and random chaos for that one. Even a good ol’ Norse God myth might be more interesting, but I must give props. The new atheists makes man to be the gods of this world and themselves, and that’s more bold than most of the old mythologies. But certainly not as interesting.

Next time I’ll have to get back to what I first said, and that has to do with the death, burial, and resurrection theme. Part of the whole “Declaring the glory of God” thing, you see.

But before I go, part of my argument is that everyone loves a good story about a man who is great, who gets to a low point, and then makes it out on top. It’s almost the theme of any good story, and that might be because this theme was woven into it all, and isn’t as random as many believe it to be.

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