Monthly Archives: January 2015

January 12th

There’s nothing that I know of that significant about this date. Except that it’s national clean off your desk day. But my desk is already clean, though there are some papers that I need to go through.

Those papers are for my son who’s original due date was today, but he came exactly when God intended, and that wasn’t today. My son was born last week on the seventh (am I suppose to put the 7th instead?). The whole process was normal, typical, and nothing worthy of note. I mean, how could it be? It’s only child birth. That little cluster of cells became billions of working and functioning cells that work so smoothly together (when the child is healthy) it’s almost not so amazing. Maybe one day we’ll be able to build vast and complex social and economical systems within a nine month period.

A child really is a small representation of the world. All the cells need to communicate, function, and maintain balance. Resources are shared to what is needed for the proper time. The system continues to grow and thrive. It even learns and adapts to the environment around it and the times it’s in. But you know, babies are just normal little critters, and aren’t really extraordinary. Babies are only a highly sophisticated, complex, growing, adapting, organic, social, economic, physical, and self educating system. It reminds me of what Paul said when comparing the church to a body. Sometime about working together and everyone being different and doing their part. None more distinguished than the other…

But what am I going on about? It’s the new year. I have this little bundle of sin in my lap, sleeping with his head in the behind my knee. I will just go back to speaking about everything under the sun to my son. Because he sometimes is the only one who cares to listen to everything I say.

Okay… Okay… Maybe care is a little too strong. No choice more like it? Yea.. Definitely.