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Logic and Belief

To pit the two together is like pitting a Leviathan against one man. The results are recorded for us in the book of Job where God says, he won’t ever try fighting a Leviathan again.

But that is not to say logic is the Leviathan and belief the man. Logic being strong, robust, and with thick skin. Belief being small, frail, weak, and easily smashed. Many people believe this to be the case. But I just jumped ahead of myself by saying people believe.

The truth of the matter is that belief is the Leviathan. It big, strong, robust, and thick skinned. Logic is  small, frail, weak, and easily smashed. The reason for this is logic is dependent upon beliefs.

For those who are more prone to particular words, beliefs and premises I am using synonymously. A premise is something presupposed or assumed. This is what I mean by belief as well. Something presupposed or assumed.

To believe that logic and belief cannot go together, as some assume when they try to pit science and religion against one another, is to misunderstand what one is saying whenever they argue.

We all are trying to argue people into conclusions we have made when we get into topics and want to debate the other person. But we must understand that premises, beliefs, assumptions are all things everyone has before they can even begin to argue. You must assume you can argue. Or, put another way, you must believe you have the ability to argue. And you cannot prove this by mere logic because you are assuming that you can prove it with mere logic, which is a belief and assumption.

We cannot escape premises/beliefs. But once we understand that we all have them, we can then better argue and reason with one another as we show how their reasoning is off but also how their premises are wrong.

But trying to change a Leviathan into a pony is impossible. Only God can do such a thing.

However, what is usually the case for us Christians is turning ravenous ponies, who kick against the truth, into giant Leviathans, who really are just sheep. We only look like Leviathans from the outside.