Money matters in sports and education

Among people I talk to I hear a popular complaint, it goes something like, “Why do professional athletes get paid more than school teachers?” To which the answer is “because people like sports more than their child’s education.”

However, the conclusion should not be to pay the teachers more because that’s not getting at the problem. The problem has already been identified: people care more about sports than their child’s education. Paying more for the education isn’t going to solve the problem since the problem is that parents could care less who is teaching and how their children are being taught.

It would be folly to think throwing more money into an already failing system is going to fix it. We’ve seen that done numerous times and have never gotten successful results. What we need is exactly as Malachi said, the hearts of the fathers to turn back to their children. If fathers will care about their children’s education, then they might actually realize the whole government school system isn’t a good fix and choose something else entirely: private or personal education.

Sports aren’t bad and education isn’t bad. To say they are would be bad. But to say that the problem is the sports and not the education would be wrong. And to say the problem is education and not the parents would also be wrong.

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