Protecting the Sheep

It’s the work and job of a shepherd to feed, care for, tend, water, and lead the flock. The difficulty comes when your flock is being attacked, picked off, and devoured. You can’t care for or feed or lead a flock if it’s dead. So there is another job of a shepherd to protect the sheep. A bad shepherd will leave the sheep undefended, starved, abused, and used.

Sadly, the sheep in the American church have been so starved and so misled that many believe the shepherds who say we ought not to call out and warn against other “Christian Ministers.” They believe that if they’re a Christian and doing ministry then they are doing God’s work. Thus, anyone doing the Lord’s work is for us and not against us. This is a cop-out of the greatest kind. It’s to disregard their responsibility as a shepherd to protect, nourish, and lead the sheep. It’s to disregard the fact that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You cannot say you care about God’s people and yet allow them to roam everywhere without direction or starve them because you’re trying to increase the number of sheep and not warn them of where the wolves live.

The ministers who believe they cannot point out the false beliefs and teachings because these wolves seem to be “for us” are disregarding what God says about how He desires His sheep be cared for. His sheep are to be well fed, well protected, and ready to obey. And teaching is the primary way a shepherd cares for the flock. Which means that any false teaching is malnourishment and deadly poison.

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