Ten minutes

I have ten minutes and I have to make this snappy, so here we go.

Consider the fact that one day we all will be ten minutes from our final breath. In one of the Psalms, the writer asks God to teach us to number our days so we can acquire wisdom. There is something about knowing you will die that breeds wisdom. Especially knowing how many days you have left. Or how many days you have lived.

Reflection on the fact you may have ten minutes left really makes you re-evaluate your whole life. Death has that kind of ability to teach you wisdom quickly. You forget how you feel and you look at what you’ve done and shouldn’t have done and what you want to do.

And that may be a step towards wisdom. Knowing what to do and doing it without regard to how you feel in the moment.

But fearing God is the beginning of wisdom. Which may mean death itself, a judgement of God, is something that’s normal to fear, because you ultimately are fearing He who brings about the judgement of death itself.

But where is death’s sting if you are in Christ? After death, we have hope. And perhaps that hope after death breeds wisdom as well.

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