Doctrine vs Relationship

What does it mean that doctrine doesn’t matter but Jesus matters?

I don’t understand this at all because it makes no sense. To say that having a correct understanding of who Jesus was and what He did and what He said doesn’t matter, but being in a relationship with Jesus is what matters is illogical, incoherent, and utterly false.

It would be equivalent of me saying that my wife matters but who she is doesn’t. Oh, I can be married to her, and I can live in the same house to her, but it’s okay for me to close my eyes and ears to what she says and does simply because our relationship matters, not who she is.

How do you come into a relationship with a wife? Isn’t it by knowing who she is and what she does and then engaging with her?

To say that you can be in “a relationship” with Jesus but not care about who he is or the nature of what he has done is a contradiction.

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