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Money matters in sports and education

Among people I talk to I hear a popular complaint, it goes something like, “Why do professional athletes get paid more than school teachers?” To which the answer is “because people like sports more than their child’s education.”

However, the conclusion should not be to pay the teachers more because that’s not getting at the problem. The problem has already been identified: people care more about sports than their child’s education. Paying more for the education isn’t going to solve the problem since the problem is that parents could care less who is teaching and how their children are being taught.

It would be folly to think throwing more money into an already failing system is going to fix it. We’ve seen that done numerous times and have never gotten successful results. What we need is exactly as Malachi said, the hearts of the fathers to turn back to their children. If fathers will care about their children’s education, then they might actually realize the whole government school system isn’t a good fix and choose something else entirely: private or personal education.

Sports aren’t bad and education isn’t bad. To say they are would be bad. But to say that the problem is the sports and not the education would be wrong. And to say the problem is education and not the parents would also be wrong.

Protecting the Sheep

It’s the work and job of a shepherd to feed, care for, tend, water, and lead the flock. The difficulty comes when your flock is being attacked, picked off, and devoured. You can’t care for or feed or lead a flock if it’s dead. So there is another job of a shepherd to protect the sheep. A bad shepherd will leave the sheep undefended, starved, abused, and used.

Sadly, the sheep in the American church have been so starved and so misled that many believe the shepherds who say we ought not to call out and warn against other “Christian Ministers.” They believe that if they’re a Christian and doing ministry then they are doing God’s work. Thus, anyone doing the Lord’s work is for us and not against us. This is a cop-out of the greatest kind. It’s to disregard their responsibility as a shepherd to protect, nourish, and lead the sheep. It’s to disregard the fact that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You cannot say you care about God’s people and yet allow them to roam everywhere without direction or starve them because you’re trying to increase the number of sheep and not warn them of where the wolves live.

The ministers who believe they cannot point out the false beliefs and teachings because these wolves seem to be “for us” are disregarding what God says about how He desires His sheep be cared for. His sheep are to be well fed, well protected, and ready to obey. And teaching is the primary way a shepherd cares for the flock. Which means that any false teaching is malnourishment and deadly poison.

Ten minutes

I have ten minutes and I have to make this snappy, so here we go.

Consider the fact that one day we all will be ten minutes from our final breath. In one of the Psalms, the writer asks God to teach us to number our days so we can acquire wisdom. There is something about knowing you will die that breeds wisdom. Especially knowing how many days you have left. Or how many days you have lived.

Reflection on the fact you may have ten minutes left really makes you re-evaluate your whole life. Death has that kind of ability to teach you wisdom quickly. You forget how you feel and you look at what you’ve done and shouldn’t have done and what you want to do.

And that may be a step towards wisdom. Knowing what to do and doing it without regard to how you feel in the moment.

But fearing God is the beginning of wisdom. Which may mean death itself, a judgement of God, is something that’s normal to fear, because you ultimately are fearing He who brings about the judgement of death itself.

But where is death’s sting if you are in Christ? After death, we have hope. And perhaps that hope after death breeds wisdom as well.

Doctrine vs Relationship

What does it mean that doctrine doesn’t matter but Jesus matters?

I don’t understand this at all because it makes no sense. To say that having a correct understanding of who Jesus was and what He did and what He said doesn’t matter, but being in a relationship with Jesus is what matters is illogical, incoherent, and utterly false.

It would be equivalent of me saying that my wife matters but who she is doesn’t. Oh, I can be married to her, and I can live in the same house to her, but it’s okay for me to close my eyes and ears to what she says and does simply because our relationship matters, not who she is.

How do you come into a relationship with a wife? Isn’t it by knowing who she is and what she does and then engaging with her?

To say that you can be in “a relationship” with Jesus but not care about who he is or the nature of what he has done is a contradiction.