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Shrub Scribbles

I am a Young Earth Creationist (YEC, kinda like yuck). That’s right, a fully equipped YEC with a love for God, a delighting in His Word, and a biased Biblical Worldview lens.

Now I would love to begin by saying some witty and whimsical things to draw you in, some smooth and sly things that make you “oo” and “ahh,” but you see, there is a problem with me. I have a problem that God has more than once shown me that I need to work out by His graces of writing, prayer, and meditation upon His word.

My problem isn’t that I believe something.

My problem isn’t that I don’t have thoughts.

My problem isn’t even that I don’t have something to say (too much some may say).

My problem is that my understanding of what I believe is a half inch deep puddle of water. I can splash, laugh, and have fun with my half inch. And I will praise God for my half inch, but that doesn’t make me a strong and sturdy Redwood (as John Piper would call it). Instead, I’m like a weedy vine on a fence, clinging onto desperately the foundation of others.

I’m just a little shrub.

And this little shrub has decided to change the blog name from “Truth Needham: Spreading a passion for Truth,” to “Where the Wind Blows: the incoherent mess of Truth Needham.”

My shallow shrub roots and vine like clinging makes it possible to blow away with any wind of doctrine. I want to be a firm oak, a deep redwood, and not a little shrub, vine, or leaf.

I thank God for men like Doug Wilson.

In his book, “WordSmithy” on page 11, Doug writes “Be at peace with being lousy for a while. Chesterton once said that anything worth doing was worth doing badly. He was right. Only an insufferable egoist expects to be brilliant first time out.”

So, this blog will turn from the egotistical writings of a mortal shrub toward a path of being a shrub that grabs hold of the ground and sucks down the same nutrients of the Redwood, and not the nutrients from redwood leave. I may have to wrap my roots around some roots of Redwoods for a while, but it’s going to be worth it!

But, I must make a note of caution: I must not be self-righteous or self-sufficient. I may write and write and write, and work hard, and all my effort will be for nothing if God doesn’t shape the man in me, change the thoughts in me, and unscramble the egg yolk and peanut butter in my head.

It’s a mess in my head, but damn it, at least something will be set straight!

Desiring Mud Pies: Pokemon Finale

So far I’ve written two posts in response to the first post about Pokemon.

I am going to wrap up this little Pokemon series with why I was created.

Maybe you’ll discover why you were created along the way.

Our Purpose

In the last post, I hinted at why many people, especially Christians, aim for lesser things. Guys play video-games to the point of living in an alternate reality because they don’t see, taste, touch, smell, nor understand the beauty and awesome grandeur of this reality. Woman get dressed up, think about their wedding day, slather pounds of makeup, and are aiming to be the next top model because they aren’t caught up in the beauty, the adventure, and the breathtaking reality of God (who is reality).

These statements may be too general. There are dozens of other reasons as well that play a factor, but I believe I am tackling the root of it. We aren’t as wrapped up in God, in the reality of Him. We are small minded, narrow minded, small viewed, short visioned, little joy people. We grab the easy pleasures on the lower shelves. Cookies are easier to reach on the counter than the apple outside on the tree. Yet the apple gives more life to the body, more energy, and more health, where the cookie give you the momentary tongue pleasure, leaving you craving for more. Unsatisfied.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been describing the purpose to our lives, to my life. If you haven’t, let me make it plain.

Our purpose in life is to “Glorify God and enjoy Him forever” according to the Westminster Catechism. A.W Tozer said our purpose in life is to “Worship God and enjoy Him forever.” John Piper put it this way: “Glorify God by enjoying Him forever.”

My life begins with God. The Gospel begins with God. Creation begins with God. Your life begins with God. Not with you. You had no choice in existing. There wasn’t an application given to you by an angel that said, “Would you like to join God in creation? If so, check the box marked Yes. What things are you good at so that you may make the world better?”

The maker of heaven and earth, the creator of all things, your creator and maker has fashioned and formed you. Now, if a man invents something we know that the inventor has a reason or purpose for the invention. This is a glimpse of God. He has a reason and purpose for all that He has made. He didn’t ask you nor tell you to decide your purpose, He gave you it, He made you for it. You are to glorify Him.

That’s your purpose. That’s what will satisfy you. That’s why you are here. There was no need for you. But here you are. God didn’t need you to glorify Him, but He made you so you could. Welcome to His world. Will you rebel against He with all power? Or will you succumb to the awesome might and glory of the Creator, who grants all joy and satisfaction to those who are united with Him by His calling them?

I would not give up my purpose for a video game… No, would is too strong a word. I am fallible. I am fickle. I put no trust in myself. I plead with God that I remain steadfast in His mercy and kindness.

For who am I?