Desiring Mud Pies: Pokemon Episode 3

In my first post in this little series, which is here, I asked the question, “Would you really give up knowing God, having a wife, having a future, and obtaining everlasting joy and satisfaction, for a new game that will also be old in the next ten years?”

In the second post, I tackled the first part of the question. “Would you really give up knowing God?”

In this current post, the one after the previous, I am going to tackle the next part of the question.

I will now run through this brick wall and hope I come out on the other side unscathed. I might need a semi-truck.


“Would you really give up your wife for a new game?”

Would anyone take this as a serious question? Of course we wouldn’t trade our wives for a game. That’s absurd.

I gladly would skip this question if it were not for the alcohol in the cabinet, the big TV screen in the bathroom, and the pornography on the computer. Would we trade our wives for a videogame? No. But we would trade intimacy, romance, and sex with our wives for the pleasures of lesser things.

Instead of enjoying the beauty and body of our wives, we turn to pornography. We give up what was given so that we can drink oil and dirt with our eyes. Instead of spending time with our wives to see why she may be distressed, tired, or upset, we fart in our bathrooms as we watch the football game. Instead of pushing forward in our relationship, constantly pursuing our wives, we pursue the bottle and the glass. Or, for Christians, we pursue a ministry and “conversions.”

Two years ago I ran into the question, “You say you love me, but does your life really reflect it?” God was revealing to my blinded eyes that I was speaking a good speech with my tongue, but my actions were standing opposed to my mouth. In a court room, my actions would testify against my lies and I would be guilty.

It seems like a stupid question, and one to be dismissed, but how often does a man (or woman) trade something great for something insignificant?

This should seem like a silly question, but considering the absolute sinful nature of man, it’s a question that is increasingly more in need to be answered and spoken about.

I hear jokes about “If a guy puts down his video game to talk to you, you know he loves you.”

Guys loves escaping this reality into a virtual one where they dominate and can conquer because they don’t know the purpose of their lives in this reality. So, it’s no joke that wives, girlfriends, and fiance’s have a difficult time with guys playing their video games.

The truth is, I wouldn’t trade Christie for anything. At least, that’s what comes to my mind. But when it comes down to action, my life is hypocritical. It’s easier to be comfortable where I’m at than it is to pursue her. It’s easier to think, read, write, and meditate than it is to kill my old sinful man in me to pursue her.

No, I wouldn’t trade Pokemon X & Y for Christie. But does my life reflect one willing to serve, pursue, and love my Christie?

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