A Challenge

“There never has been an era when too many people thought too deeply about God or knew him too well.” -John Piper in the preface to his book The Pleasures of God.

Will you rise to the challenge?

Will you step up your devotion to God the Father? Will you plead with Him so that you may know Him more? Will you read His word more, and think more deeply about it?

Has anyone ever seen God? Even Job, who said, “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you,” still had not come to fully recognize God. How could he? He only encountered the living God once, by the very words we are able to read. And even as we read, we do not obtain the fullness of God in them.

God is the supreme being, with who when we fellowship with Him, and commune with Him, we obtain a satisfaction that no relationship, person, being, animal, material object, or philosophical thought can fill us. God is so utterly ultimate and valuable, that to value anything else, above or even close to Him, is sin.

How honorable is it to say to God that both He and a dog give the same amount of satisfaction?

Or that a car provides the same joy He does?

Or that a relationship with a friend, spouse, child, or family member that springs in you more or the same passion He does?


Our passions for God are weak. But God, rich in mercy, has given us Christ. We must look to Him. We must set our gaze upon Him, and not let go. Our hearts will beat again for Him, if they are dry. Our minds will soar on the wings of His robe, if they think no lofty thought of Him.

Will you rise to the challenge? To know your creator and king? To set your eyes upon Christ, who perfectly loved, had a passion for, knew God in His fullness, by being the fullness?

Will you think and know God more deeply and richly than you do now?


Or will you let your soul starve?

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