CFE SM: Love Handles Wk2 Q:2


 Question 2 in our five part series of questions.

In this post, I’ll give you Christie’s notes that she spoke about:

Questions #2: Why Do I Want this?

By Christie Perez

Most of the times when we think about dating a person we can find many different reasons as to why. But we never really ask ourselves what the true motive behind dating this person can be. Is it because he or she is attractive, they’re the most popular kid in school, all my friends have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I feel alone, I need to be the center of attention, it makes me feel good about myself etc..

* 11 years ago when I was dating, I was doing it with the wrong motives: Mere attractiveness and looks; fear of being alone; wanting to feel good about myself. Dating at the time meant sitting together at lunch, holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and going to the movies chaperoned.

* This lead to making wrong decisions and lots of heartache which would have been avoided if I had dated with the right motive.

* In psalm 26:2 David wrote “Put me on trial, Lord, and cross examine me. Test my motives and my heart”. David was asking God to search every inch of his heart to remove any selfish desire that did not glorify God.

* David was making a declaration of loyalty to God. Putting God above all, trusting the lord to forgive his sins, he also was showing his commitment to God. We must overall show God our commitment to him by being obedient and walking in his ways, as well as guarding our hearts, because when we don’t guard our hearts and set boundaries the recipe is disaster.

* You may be asking yourself what is the right motive? When we decide to pursue a relationship with a person the purpose of it is to help that person become more like Jesus. Are you ready to help another person become more like Jesus; lead them closer to the throne of God?




I so enjoy Christie’s last question. That really sums up Why we should want a relationship. “Am I ready to help another person become more like Jesus? To bring them closer to the throne of God?”

Behind that question is the need for a foundation in our lives. Before we can even ask that question with true intent, true motive, and with clear understanding, we need to be able to say without any hesitation, “I love Jesus! I love the Bible! I love God! I want what God wants, and I am so totally devoted to Him that my aim in a relationship is not what I can get, but what can I do?” Our intention should be to glorify God in everything we do and enjoy Him. That means in your marriage you: seek to glorify God, joyfully pour yourself out onto another human being, enjoy the family dynamic of children and growth, and seek to be made more into His likeness.

Press on to know God fully and to love Him totally. Anything less than that is sin.

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