CFE SM: Love Handles Wk1


Three weeks ago, we started a relationship series called “Love Handles.” Today, I want to post up what we learned the first week, and hopefully post up the previous two weeks as well this week.

Finding “the one”

There is no such thing as “the one.” “The one” is a mythical human being created by the fantasy land of Disney and the Matrix. The concept of “the one” really comes from a desire to find someone who will complete us, who will make us happy, and who will make all of life fun, joyful, and exciting. Now, these desires are exactly the desires we must have and are okay to have. It’s good to have those desires. But let me propose to you that we’re looking in all the wrong places.

This belief of “the one” has not been well thought out, so let’s take this idea and think it out a little more.

If there is “one person” out there for you, then it also follows that you’re the “right person” for someone else. You’re suppose to “complete” another person. You’re suppose to make life fun, joyful, and exciting for another person. You’re suppose to make their world right, complete, whole, and happy. You’re the right person all the time, always making the other person happy. Right? Because that’s what the “right person” will do… right?

Follow me for a moment: where should someone look for a Ferrari? At the Dollar Store? Or at a Ferrari dealership?

What’s my point? My point is that you can’t make someone happy, especially if you aren’t. Why? Because you yourself want a Ferrari from them, but the other person wants a Ferrari from you. And you’re both looking in the wrong place.

We want someone to make us happy. But how can someone make you happy when they’re also want someone to make them happy?

This is where I begin in “finding the one.” Finding “the one person” is similar to finding a mythical creature, like unicorns, or the flying spaghetti monster, or Zeus, or Thor. You’ll only find them in the stories, legends and fantasies of Disney, writers, and romance movies.

However, let’s make no mistake! There is one who is The One, and He dwells in the Heavenly places. This being is the one who is so complete in Himself, so infinitely happy, so infinitely joyful, so infinitely adventurous, and so full of peace, goodness, gentleness, and forgiveness, that you will never look again once you encounter this man. That man is the God-man Jesus Christ.

He is that One man who satisfies. Jesus is so infinitely full of Joy, goodness, peace, and many other tasteful things, that He can fill and satisfy billions upon billions of people. We’re all looking for “the One,” and who we’re really looking for is found in Jesus Christ. If you’re looking for Ferrari’s, or private islands, or airplane parts, then you are really looking for the owner and maker of all those things. You’re looking for God. The author of happiness, the beginner of joy.

As Jesus says in John 15:11 “I have told you these things so that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete.”

So now maybe you’ll see that The One does exist, but there is no such thing as “the one.” The One is God, and “the one” are broken people who need and are really looking for The One without knowing it.

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