The Beginning: Evidence for God?

I asked the question, “Does God exist?” in my previous post “The Beginning: God vs gods of history.”

I made the claim that people have always felt, believed, and had an understanding of something greater then them. This claim is evidenced by the wonder we have for the universe, and the history of people always grasping to find out what’s the most powerful thing in the universe. Whether it be super humans we make out to be gods, or whether it be concepts like love, we know there is something that is beyond us. We see it in mountains and suns, and we feel it through emotions and pain.

But now I want to steer us toward more evidence for the existence of a god. The science and reasoning behind why there is something rather than nothing, and how something can come from nothing.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. (Ephesians 1:3-4)

In this passage I want to focus on the middle of the verse, “even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world.” If you look, you notice that he (God) chose us (Christians) in him (Christ) before the foundation (creation, laying out the boundaries, setting stars in motion, etc.) of the world (earth). So before the world was even given a foundation and created, there were men chosen in Christ. This is significant, not merely because God chose (which we will deal with later on in the blog) but because God had man in mind to be in Christ before He even began His work.

On Facebook, I posted this bit of verse and asked, “Does man support the worlds foundation, or does the existence of the foundation support man?”

Philosophers and philosophy, if not grounded correctly in truth and reality, will lead you to think you can’t know if anything is true or real. The mentality is “I support the worlds foundations and happenings with my mind! It’s my mind that says what goes goes, and I can only trust what it wants to do.” The reason, they will give, is because you don’t know if you’re merely a brain in a vat being stimulated to think the way you do. The problem with this is there is no evidence, no support for it in reality, and reality suggests otherwise. The deep flaw with this logic is that it makes you distrust everything and everyone, and therefore if you cannot trust anything then you might as well distrust the very fact you distrust yourself. If you distrust everything, even yourself, you’re putting too much trust in your distrust!

Observe and see that the world is real! Don’t close your eyes! Don’t close your pain and feeling receptors! There has been studies, debates, life, babies, mountains, solar systems, galaxies, fish, bugs, wind, particles, heat waves, and a thousand upon thousands of millions of other things going on that you have no control nor knowledge of until it’s brought up. Reality is outside of your mind. It’s outside of you. It’s outside of me. You will die and all of life will continue on. The sun will give it’s heat. The earth will rotate. The clouds will form and dissipate. You have no control over what will go on after you nor do you have control of what’s going on right now.

You do not support, create, nor have any say in what the world is going to be like.

The Bible and reality declare such a different reality. BEFORE THE FOUNDATION! You we’re chosen. Christian, before there was a ground to walk on. Before there were atoms to form you. Before there was an order to things how God wanted the universe to run, He chose you. This world was formed, fashioned, and made to tell and declare His glory (Psalm 19:1). Every day, God summons the the earth and speaks the sun from it’s rising to it’s setting (Psalm 50:1). This all speaks of, tells of, declares, exults, glories in God and His power. And this all is evidence, and foundation, and flooring, and wood walling, and marble tiling, and roofing for you to know that, this was all made to support your existence.

Declare His glory oh Earth! Shout His praise oh Heavens! And nurture, and coddle, and support man’s very being, oh universe. Without which, you’d be nothing.

I don’t desire to tax your patience in reading much, so I will connect this with scientific evidence quickly.

We have evidence that the universe began to exist. At the beginning point in time, the universe began to expand, grow, and form. For thousands of years, theologians had no evidence that the universe began to exist. But now, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, we have discovered the expansion of the universe and different types of waves that point to a beginning. A foundation began in the beginning, with the intention to declare His glory, and out of love came up with a plan to create man and reveal Himself to them.

What can be logically said, based upon our experiences, is this: Something doesn’t come from nothing. What begins to exist, has a cause. This universe shouts of an intelligence beyond our understanding. There have been plenty of theologians and philosophers who have debated and argued this and have solid evidence, one to which I will point you to: William Lane Craig.

Science is great and is good. I enjoy it’s fruit. But it only takes us as far as it can go. It can only tell us what is and how it works. From there, the rest we leave to history. And that history points to the Cross. History points to Christ, who we (Christians) have been blessed in.

May we revel in the glories of God!

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