The Beginning: Lost in Darkness

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

The beginning of the gospel, the beginning of the Bible, the beginning of your life, and the beginning of a new life all starts with God.

The debate of the century is “Does God exist?” And Christianity has never been short of providing logical, verifiable, and factual evidence for God’s existence. The notions that God opposes science or that science triumphs God are birthed out of ignorance of fact and logic.

That is to be expected. Logic is no longer taught in the American schools. The way the school system works is a method of brainwashing. Opening up the heads of children, stuffing in whatever the curriculum defines as “fact,” and tactfully lining the thoughts and minds of children with new age, postmodern, and gnostic philosophy. Children are not taught to think for themselves. How do I know this? Because I grew up in the system. I was plugged into the Matrix, so to speak. And the unplugging leads into a whole other world. Not many can wield the freedom that logic and reason brings.

We all often are second-handers. (Second-hander: A person who looks to others to decide his values or beliefs)

What I thought was free will and choice in the way I was taught was really a foggy maze that kept me boxed into a world of ignorance (which isn’t as blissful as understanding) and blindness. What I thought was fact was really the misinformed, the misdirected, and the misinterpreted teachings of teachers who we’re given what they we’re suppose to teach. In Florida, where I live, they were even threatened in nonthreatening ways that they would lose their jobs. ‘Teach this way. Teach to this test. It’s all about the grades. Your paycheck depends on how well your students perform on a report card.’

A student is not taught to see, feel, think, and reflect upon what they observe in the world and in what they read in history. A student is not taught that their brain and heart are powerful tools of reasoning. Instead, their misinformed heads and hearts are lined with vain and idle and false philosophies. They become second-handers. The people who have performed the misinforming are keeping students trapped in the rat game of the Matrix, possibly because they themselves are plugged in. A slave to the system of circularity, acting as a battery to merely provide fuel and energy for the system. The very life is sapped from them, and they are lost in darkness because they are given no access to the true and full capacities of their mind and heart.

Ah, but there is hope. There is hope because God has always kept a remnant people to shine as light in the darkness. Not because of their own light, but because of His gift upon man. The light of life, found in Christ, displays truth, disperses falsehood, and brings to life the dead.

In order to be freed from such a game you have to see beyond what you’ve been taught, and that is difficult because you have grown up to not think or feel or see for yourself. You’ve been growing in the knowledge of false philosophies, like truth is relative, there are no absolutes, and you’re the master of your universe.

But I tell you, grow up. Try tell a bus that truth is relative when it smacks into you. Say that there are no absolutes to the thief that is stealing money from you, and he will say that the money is not absolutely yours, and tell the sun to stand still.

If you want to live, if you want to enjoy life to it’s fullest, if you want to have the maximum happiness, then don’t buy into the worlds fast and loose philosophies. Use your minds and use your hearts to their fullest capacities. And it is God who expands the minds, and broadens the understanding, and teaches the wise and discerning, and instructs in how to guard the heart. Who better than He who designed it all? The master of life. The designer of you.

Those who know the Truth, listen to the voice of Christ.

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