You’re Invited

People don’t care.

They don’t care all too much why you do things unless they themselves want to mimic what you’ve done. People only want to mimic what you’ve done when you’ve become someone they look up to. And most people we look up to started small: in a garage, with a newspaper, selling lemonade, playing for a high school sports team, etc.

Is this why I want to start a blog?


I wanted to start a blog to be sharpened by others ideas, thoughts, and arguments. I want others to point out holes, weaknesses, or contradictions in my thought. I want an outlet to be able to express and speak my thoughts. Facebook could be used for this, but I find it too difficult to keep everything I want to say in a soundbite packet. Plus I don’t want to exasperate some people with notifications and the like. Twitter, tumbler, instagram, and the many other social networking/social media websites aren’t the same as a blog. With a blog you have the ability to type longer posts, respond and comment with whole sentences, and even interact with others who happen stumble across your page versus needing to befriend or like or fan your page.
Therefore, I decided to start a blog.

If you are reading this, then I want to let you know that I appreciate responses. I want this to be a dialogue, not solely a monologue. I want to grow. To be sharpened, learn, and be able to give back good solid thought to help out those who read.

Starting a blog is no small matter for me. If I get a lot of responses over the coming years then it will be difficult and probably impossible to respond to them all. Time can be wasted. I could be doing other productive things. Notice I said, other productive things. Blogging can be productive, if used productively. I can’t mingle or idle about.

John Piper (a pastor who has taught me much through his books) wrote on Facebook yesterday, “Attention all would-be writers. When one writes, one is not doing a hundred important things. Count that cost.” The cost of writing is high, and so I pray the fruit of writing will be greater than the cost.

Each blog post will be posted for different reasons. Some to elicit responses. Some to inform. Some to instruct. Some to learn. Some to just get my thoughts about controversial things out, or even make a controversy where there is none but should be one. Some to talk about what I’m studying and to help myself go deeper into what I am thinking or reading. All, I pray, will help me know God and love Him and see Him as infinitely more valuable.

I am writing for a hundred more of said and unsaid reasons. It’s no light matter, but I pray the matter will be a weighty light, shining forth as a field for hungry people who are tired of mundane, unhelpful, uneventful, posts and snippets of information.

So come, comment, argue, present information, articles, reasons, facts, and other things to help me see a bigger picture than my narrow one can see. I invite you to join me.

May no arbitrary thing be said. May nothing to be taken with only an ounce of care. The weight of life and death is in the power of the tongue. 

You’re invited. Don’t take it lightly.

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